About Us

A short history about us

Rubya Health Training Institute (RHTI) was established in 1963 as the “Rubya School of Nursing and Midwifery” by the Franciscan Sisters of Bred in the Netherlands. Over the years, it expanded its programs to include Medical Laboratory Training and Clinical Medicine Training. In 2014, the institution’s name was changed to Rubya Health Training Institute, and it received full accreditation from the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). In 2021, RHTI introduced Pharmaceutical Sciences Training, further cementing its reputation as a dynamic and forward-thinking healthcare education institution.

Our mission revolves around training competent healthcare professionals who promote well-being in all aspects through modern facilities and education. We focus on providing quality education, enhancing structures, building human capacity, ensuring infrastructure adequacy, and improving student welfare and financial resources.

At RHTI, we offer Technician Certificate (NTA level 5) and Ordinary Diploma (NTA level 6) programs in Clinical Medicine, Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Medical Laboratory Sciences.

Under the leadership of Dr. Fr. Felix Kamugisha, MD, our management team is dedicated to providing a conducive learning environment. 

Meet our leaders

RHTI Organisation

Rubya Health Training Institute (RHTI) has a well-structured organization to ensure efficient functioning.

MD – Principal RHTI

MD – Deputy Principal Academic, Research, and Consultancy

Human Resource Manager